If you can't find your quire here pls send it to us on email.

1.How to Post Blogs ?
 To post Blogs , Send it on, the admin can open post the blogs according to the site policy. While sending the blog also send a image which is relevant to the topic of the blog.

2.How to Sell Artworks ?
To sell artworks you need to send it on as members are not allowed to post there art work for sale. While sending the art work on email do send the details of price and shipping.
3.How to Order an artwork ?
To place an order - first click on shop from the top menu - view the shop and find a perfect art work which you would like to buy - click on the artwork and scroll down there will be an option for colour if its there choses a colour of your choies - then click on add to cart option to add it - then click on menu option and click on cart to view it - Click on checkout after adding the right address - then do the payment and your order will be placed.
4. How to edit profile ?
To edit profile click on your Gmail logo which will be on the top right corner of the page. Then click on Profile to view your profile. On the top right side the will be an option to edit profile click on it to edit profile.
5. How to post ?
To post images click on Posts option from the menu. There will be one option on right side of page post media click on it to post images.
6.How to post Reviews and Queries ?
To post reviews and queries click on Home option from the menu section. Then scroll down and fill the form of Get in Touch and add your reviews and queries in the form. Or else just send it to us on email
7.How to Subscribe ?
To Subscribe scroll down and fill and submit the subscription form.
8.How to become a Member ?
To become a member you just need to sign in.
9. How to add address ?
This will be added soon.
10.How find Members ?
To find members on this website first click on Menu and click on Members option which will open the search bar to search members on the website.
11. How can a customer approach you ?
Customer can't approach you directly. They will approach us and there order will be placed.
12.How you receive the payment ?
You will receive the payment after the consumer places an order which is placed by you on the website. To know more about the payment please read payment policy.